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Before you begin your morning ritual of make-up application, take a look at your bare skin. What do you see? Most women find that they have broken blood vessels, moles and even skin tags on their face and neck. Women usually apply make-up to conceal these imperfections instead of addressing the actual issue. Now, there is a more permanent solution offered by physicians in a relaxed office environment.

Cosmetic radio-surgery uses ultra-high-frequency radio waves, allowing a physician to remove unwanted spider veins, provide scarless mole removal and eliminate skin tags, leaving you with a more uniform and flawless skin tone.

In years past, ridding yourself of those aggravating blemishes was anything but simple, and required the use of lasers, cauterizing tools or a series of injections. These procedures were painful, brought more complications and offered slower recovery time with inconsistent results. However, radio-surgery not only gives excellent, predictable results, but the process is simple. The procedure is performed in your doctor’s office using only local or topical anesthetic, and takes just minutes. The advanced radio-wave technology allows unparalleled surgical control, precision and safety.

How do I know if radio-surgery is right for me?

Anyone with small facial veins (for example, around the nose) wishing to improve his/her appearance is a candidate. Most moles and skin tags on the face and body are benign and can be effectively eliminated. Sometimes, suspicious moles have to be biopsied for further characterization. After a brief examination, your physician can determine if radio-surgery can benefit you.

What are the benefits to treatment through radio-wave technology?

Some of the benefits to radio-surgery include:

Are there any side effects or risks to my health?

The procedure itself is very safe, although any surgery has an element of risk. Minor side effects in rare cases include bleeding, infection or scarring. However, with proper post-operative care most of these side effects can be avoided.

What should you expect after your procedure?

Following radio-surgery, an antibiotic ointment should be applied on the treated area to promote scarless healing. Make-up may be applied as soon as 24 hours after treatment. The final result can be seen in approximately 2 weeks.

Will the blemish ever return in the same place?

Although effects are immediate, there is potential for regrowth in some types of moles. When this is the case, a repeat procedure at a later date may be required.

Cosmetic radio-surgery is an unbelievable office procedure used to remove lumps and bumps on your face and body. Men and women of all ages can benefit from this safe, effective and affordable treatment. Many patients have already experienced the wonders of this advanced technology. Schedule a consultation with your physician today and take the first step toward uniform and more flawless skin. TPW