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Did you know that over 25 million people play more than 500 million rounds of golf each year in the United States?

Due to the huge success of golf, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has proactive advice specifically on how to prepare your body for many years of pain-free play. If you take the chiropractic approach, you’re in good company. Tiger Woods says that lifting weights and visiting his chiropractor regularly have made him a better golfer, and who better to take golf advice from than Tiger Woods! Along with the following suggestions, the ACA has many recommendations on improving your golf game:

• For Women Only. If you have “inherited” your husband’s or significant other’s golf clubs, they might be difficult for you to use. Not only are the clubs often too long, but the shaft is often not flexible enough for a woman’s grip. Women typically play better with clubs that are composed of lighter, more flexible material, such as graphite.
• Warm Up. Stretching before and after 18 holes is the best way to reduce post-game stiffness and soreness. Take a brisk walk to get blood flowing to the muscles; then do a set of stretches. To set up a stretching and/or exercise routine, see a doctor of chiropractic or golf pro who can evaluate your areas of tension and flexibility.
• Keep It Moving. Every third hole, take a few practice swings with the opposite hand to keep your muscles balanced and even out stress on the back.
• Drink Water. Dehydration causes early fatigue, leading you to compensate by adjusting your swing, thus increasing the risk of injury. Although many golf outings revolve around a social setting, do not smoke and try to limit alcoholic beverages while playing, as both cause loss of fluid.
• Get Adjusted. Confirming that your spine and nervous system are fully functioning is the bottom line for many health concerns. Getting adjusted can eliminate muscular imbalance and nerve interference that may be affecting your golf swing.

Chiropractic care can and will improve your body’s ability to play golf! Doctors of chiropractic are trained and licensed to treat the entire neuro-musculoskeletal system. If you enjoy the game of golf, you need to do what it takes to keep your body capable of performing at its best. And if you want to improve your game, call a doctor of chiropractic care today. tpw