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Hair salons are known as places where people go to get their hair cut. But now, people are going to hair salons to add hair to their head?

With the growing popularity of hair extensions, people are finding ways to add length and fullness to their hair. Celebrities have shown us the dramatic appearance and the immediate length that can be achieved with extensions. So how can we do the same?

There are many hair extension systems available and each system offers different application techniques and outcomes. There are several things to consider when evaluating whether hair extensions are something you would like to invest in.


This is the most commonly asked question, so let’s get it out of the way. The cost is very simple—how serious are you about hair extensions? Cost depends on the application method—the technique used when adhering the extensions— and the length, and can range from $300 to $2,500 or more.

Just like anything in life, we decide if the price of products and services justify the quality and value we place on them. For example, you will have a different experience when dining in an upscale establishment versus driving through a fast food restaurant. The same analogy can be used with hair extensions. You can have an elaborate system such as Great Lengths, which will give you more comfort, quality and a natural appearance, or you can have a less expensive system if you are willing to work through the differences.

Application Method

When evaluating a hair extension system, it is important to understand that the hair is either going to be applied to your hair or your scalp. This will determine the comfort level of the extensions and the required maintenance. It is also important to understand what your extensions will look like if you pull your hair back as opposed to letting it blow in the wind.

Extensions that are applied to your existing hair (versus the scalp application method) provide the best comfort. Be aware that extensions applied to your scalp can be uncomfortable when sleeping. It can feel like you are sleeping on a head full of barrettes Extensions(some have purchased neck pillows that assist in propping their head off of the bed).

Adhering Technique

You will also want to understand the adhering technique used for extensions. These include bonding, gluing, clip-ins and more. The technique used will affect your natural hair in different ways.

This is the part which makes most people nervous. You must evaluate what the adhering technique will do to your natural hair so when the extensions are removed, you are not left with damaged hair.

Great Lengths has eliminated breakage and damage concerns by creating an extremely high-tech method. The attachment is composed of polymer chains with a molecular structure very similar to that of human hair and is activated by the Great Lengths applicator which bonds the extension to your hair.

Real Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

The hair you choose for your extensions will certainly affect the look you are trying to achieve. Real hair is more versatile and has the ability to be colored, highlighted, curled, etc. The length of real human hair extensions is also driven up by how long you want them. Also, keep in mind that synthetic hair is easy to style, but cannot be chemically treated or curled.

What to Ask

Regardless of which system you decide to go with, make sure the person applying the extensions has the proper training and experience.

Several systems require the stylist to have extensive training so they can best represent their products. Ask your stylist what his/her training entailed, how long it was and who trained him/her.

Don’t hesitate to ask for references and examples. Being able to see the work your stylist has done is the best way to get to know their talents. TPW