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Full lips are a sign of youth and beauty and are the most sensual feature of the face. They often vary in shape, size and color, but they never go out of style. Women usually use clever makeup strategies and optimal lipstick colors to achieve flattering effects. Hereditary factors, age, sun damage and smoking are a few factors that contribute to fine lines, wrinkles around the mouth and thinner lips. As we age, the red portion of the lip shrinks in size.

Lip augmentation has become a popular fix for the thin, aged lips of women from all generations. Augmentation tremendously improves the smile and reduces wrinkles around the mouth, resulting in fuller, plumper and even “pouty” lips (if desired). Even though various techniques are used to achieve the desired effect, injectable fillers have become the most popular.

Today’s women are constantly looking to improve their overall appearance with immediate results and minimal downtime. Fuller, well-defined lips are in. A small amount of a soft injectable filler, such as Juvederm, is often all that is needed to achieve a sensual, natural look.

Are injectable fillers safe?

Dermal fillers are approved by the FDA and have been used worldwide for years. Fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane consist of a naturally occurring sugar—hyaluronic acid—found in the human body. The role of this sugar is to deliver nutrients, hydrate the skin by retaining water and to act as a cushioning agent.

How is the procedure done?

This timely procedure can be performed in the office with minimal discomfort. The lips are highly sensitive; therefore, a local anesthetic is usually preferred before injecting. The filler material is injected until the desired effect is obtained.

How will I look after lip augmentation?

Mild to moderate swelling usually resolves within a few days and can be minimized by applying an ice pack during the first 24 hours. Faint bruising can be easily covered with lipstick. Most patients have no pain at all. If minimal discomfort occurs, it can be controlled with over-the-counter medications.

How long will the effect last?

Injectable dermal fillers are temporary, although Juvederm can deliver sustained results for up to one year.
Your lips are one of the most expressive features on your face and are often the first thing people notice about you. Whether you’re interested in plumping your pout or rejuvenating the overall appearance of your lips, injectable fillers could be the answer. Consult your physician today to help you create the lips you’ve always dreamed of. TPW