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I write—a lot. More accurately, I don’t so much write…I type. That is probably why no one can read my handwriting anymore, including myself!

I write—a lot. More accurately, I don’t so much write…I type. That is probably why no one can read my handwriting anymore, including myself! My fingers can type about as fast as the thoughts race through my head, but if I scribble out a “to-do” list, it’s usually illegible. There are definitely negative aspects to my multi-tasking, shorthand approach to getting things done. I sometimes forget if I’ve actually done or said something…or if I just thought I did.

I have begun preparations for dinner, only to realize that I’d forgotten to pick up an essential ingredient. I’ve gone to the pantry and counted four cans of jalapeño peppers, five bottles of stone-ground mustard, four bottles of low-fat ranch salad dressing and ten pounds of flour—but not a single grain of sugar or salt to be found. Opening the refrigerator door, I threw out several jars of old pickles, but couldn’t find a jar of mayonnaise to make chicken salad.

I went to the cabinet housing our collection of videotapes and DVDs and found multiple copies of several favorites. Perfect, I thought, I can put the same video in televisions in different rooms while I’m cleaning the house—if I can just find the time to learn how to operate the remote control!

When cleaning out my closet, I found two identical pairs of brown boots. When did I buy these? Both had been worn, so returning a pair to the store was not an option. Then I discovered two identical navy sweaters and two black skirts, almost alike. Well, I guess I really liked them.

When decorating my home for the holidays, I was surprised to unwrap an ornament identical to one I had purchased earlier that day. Recalling last year’s gift exchange, I remembered one of my children smiling and saying, “Thank you! Just like last year!” I shook my head in disbelief, wondering how I could forget what I had purchased the year before. More than once I’ve bought that unique gift item early, only to find it again after the holidays, months later, and I end up giving it as a birthday gift.

When heading out the door to go shopping, my husband will ask if I have my list, to which I reply, “Yes, it’s in my head.” I’ll ask if he remembered to do something, to which he inevitably replies, “Not yet, but it’s on my list.”

So I began to think that perhaps I should create a list before I head out to shop—one that is typed and printed out on paper. Though I like to give surprises, I may also ask for a list from my loved ones to guide me. Since we’ve begun a tradition of a “white elephant” gift exchange, I may be able to add “duplicates” to the exchange this year. At least they would know that the gift was one I really liked.

Before I forget, I didn’t publish these thoughts in a previous issue, did I? After 18 years, I’m not sure what new holiday thoughts I can share. But then, a heart-felt “happy holidays” can always be repeated. So, from me to you, happy holidays! TPW