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Is your summer footwear—like flip-flops—causing your feet, knees or lower back to ache? A soothing solution may be found in new footwear walking its way onto Peoria shelves.

It’s that time of year again—time to reach into the depths of the closet and find that favorite pair of flip-flops from last summer. You pull them out, put them on and strut your stuff down the hall. Then you remember the achy pains in your feet, your knees, even your back—all because of your adorable flip flops! Every time you wore that pair last summer, by the end of the day, you were aching somewhere. This is a problem women have to face—enduring pain for the beauty of our footwear. But now is the time to change!

We have many patients who follow our recommendations for care, whether they include chiropractic, acupuncture, massage or physical therapy, and make great progress. There are still some cases in which patients continue to have issues that many times are connected to the types of shoes they choose to wear. This issue becomes even more prevalent in the summer months, when we choose the cool and open-toed styles of footwear. We needed an alternative and a product that could be recommended to help these patients. This spring, we found it!

A footwear first is on the market in Peoria—Moszkito orthotic flip-flops! You can say goodbye to the pain caused by your former summer footwear and still look fashionable. This new summer footwear line carries everything from a basic black flip-flop to a trendy wedge with a camouflage pattern.

To determine if your feet would benefit from wearing orthotic flip-flops, you need to measure your arches. Depending on the measurement, a medium or high arch support would be recommended—this is what makes all the difference!

Say goodbye to the flip-flops of last year—if you choose the right footwear this summer, it may mean a summer free from foot, knee and lower back aches. For more information on the Moszkito line, contact or visit Kramer Chiropractic. tpw