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Our resident fashion expert highlights some of the style trends for the upcoming season.

Primary Colors

Break out of the rut. You know, the one that always has you buying black apparel. Yes, black is a wonderful color: slimming, easy to throw on, traditional, never out of style. However, this summer, your wardrobe is in dire need of some pizzazz. Luckily for you, the hottest theme for summer 2008 emphasizes bright, bold primary colors!
Say goodbye to pastels and hello to cobalt blue skinny pants, apple red flats, bright orange handbags…you’ll see it all this season! When creating your perfect outfit, remember this important rule: limit your bright colors to two or three per outfit and pair them with white and/or black—for example, black shorts or Capri pants paired with a bright blue-and-white-striped tee and a sunny yellow handbag. Another attractive color combination is kelly green, coral and white. Remember, it’s easy to work splashes of color into any outfit with accessories. Brightly colored shoes or a handbag can add just the right touch. Think outside the box. When your outfit is blue, forgo the urge to match your shoes to it, and throw on a nice pair of yellow heels!

Safari Chic

Let this season’s safari trend make you feel adventurous during the hot summer months! Achieve this look with exotic prints and earthy color tones. A key item will be the lightweight, belted trench coat in beige with oversized dark-brown button detailing. This type of jacket will be a great transitional piece as we move into the fall months. Also, keep an eye out for cargo pockets and subtle animal prints. Always try to accent your brown and khaki-toned outfits with a splash of color like coral red or mustard yellow. Before you leave the house, top your outfit off with an oversized pair of tortoise shell sunglasses. Have fun with this look—make it work for you!

Sheer Madness

This trend is fashion with all the frills! For summer 2008, we will see our fair share of sheer paneled dresses and tops, translucent fabrics and feminine chiffon blouses. The sheer madness trend is not intended to look risqué, rather it is meant to encompass delicate femininity. So unlike the popular primary colors of the season, look for more understated tones such as beige, pink and light yellow. Once again, the exception is always black. Sheer black blouses will be prevalent, especially for nighttime. Pay attention to draping chiffon tops. It’s all about elegance, so there shouldn’t be anything form-fitting or over-the-top to this look. This style can also work for everyday apparel when you incorporate it into the items you already have in your wardrobe. Try pairing a loose-fitting blouse with a see-through front panel over a solid tank in a contrasting color. Add your favorite pair of denim. Throw on some heels and you’ll be ready for a night on the town!

It Suits Me

Tuxedo-inspired apparel for ladies fashion is here to stay for summer and will also continue on into the fall and winter months. Vests are certainly hot items, quickly gaining in popularity. Tuxedo detailing such as suit coat pockets, buttons and pinstripes are worked into virtually all ladies’ apparel. A core item is the slim-cut tuxedo dress, which adds a feminine twist to the button-down collared shirt and a pencil skirt bottom. Other key items are pinstriped shorts with cuffed edges and blouses with ruffle detail on the chest. This trend also looks great with items from the sheer madness look. A long, sleek dinner jacket can complement a short chiffon cocktail dress, creating a very fashionable look for breezy summer nights. Notice satin trims on collars and sleeves in black or metallic colors. Avoid looking too harsh by adding in spots of femininity with subtle ruffles, pearl accessories or high chunky heels.

Bohemian Beauty

Look (and feel!) laidback with the flowy silhouettes and hippie-esque prints that mark this season’s bohemian trend. Key colors to look for are shades of red, burnt orange, brown and turquoise. Butterfly prints and other bohemian patterns are incorporated into all apparel, especially full-length, 70s-style maxi sundresses. Add coral and jade jewelry for a nice finish. The bohemian beauty look also goes hand-in-hand with the summer’s most stylish trend in footwear: the gladiator sandal.

The Gladiator

Hands down, the hottest trend for your feet in summer 2008: flat-heeled leather strappy sandals with a hint of old-Roman allure. You’d have to try hard to ignore the gladiator sandal, as it will be everywhere this season. Look for straps around the ankles as a key distinction. Popular styles range from solid brown leather, to versions with multi-colored straps, some even with jewel and turquoise detailing. Keep an eye out for sandals in metallic colors, as this color trend continues to be all the rage in footwear. A gold metallic pair of gladiators will get the most wear this summer, as they will match nicely with brown, black and navy-blue outfits. Gladiators look especially stylish with long bohemian skirts or tailored shorts. At least one pair of gladiator sandals should be in every fashionista’s wardrobe this summer!

As a final note, every lady must always remember to follow the “Golden Rules” of fashion:

  1. Not every style is for every body. Pick and choose trends that flatter your unique body type. There’s nothing more unfashionable than wearing a style that looks disproportionate for your body.
  2. Less is always more. Do not fall prey to the “over-accessorizer” trap. Limit yourself to one or two statement pieces (such as a flashy necklace or a large cocktail ring).
  3. Use caution when mixing fashion trends. Just because both the safari and tuxedo themes are stylish this season does not mean they are stylish together.
  4. Above all, have fun with fashion! Don’t stress while putting your outfits together. Fashion should be a fun, outward expression which conveys you to the world. Be yourself and always be confident in what you wear! TPW