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7 Secrets to Getting a Higher Job Offer

Understanding how to negotiate a higher job offer is imperative to ensure you get the pay you deserve.

by Peoria Magazine |
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Understanding how to negotiate a higher job offer is imperative to ensure you get the pay you deserve. Career expert Lisa Rangel, a certified professional resume writer, job landing consultant and former recruiter, provides a breakdown of tips:

  1. Always negotiate. High achievers don’t wait to be offered a great salary; they ask for it. Be prepared to state a range and present evidence why you are worth what you are asking for.
  2. Do your research. Job seekers must be ready to make their case and have a salary number in mind. Sites like, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics can shed light on the numbers and how they may vary based on location and experience.
  3. Shift your mindset. Adjust your interviewing presentation from a past-salary mindset to a job-value mindset. Many go in asking for what they made at their previous position, but it’s best to negotiate based on the value you bring to the table. 
  4. Aim higher. Most people will low-ball themselves at the first opportunity, thinking they are being humble. Instead, take the minimum salary you’ll accept, and aim higher. 
  5. Believe. If you want the big bucks, you need to believe you deserve them. Don’t get bogged down by stories of the economy, what the interviewer might think of you, what other candidates have said, or where the company may stand financially. 
  6. Interview with confidence. Besides telling CAR (challenges, actions, results) stories, dive deep into your experiences and present them in a crisp, factual way. Enter your interview with carefully planned stories to tell that will leave your interviewer’s jaw hanging.
  7. State specifics. Once an offer has been made and you’re aiming for a higher amount, be prepared with reasons behind it. Don’t make the mistake of saying you’re the best person they’re going to find for the role. Come prepared with not only an amount, but the exact reasons and evidence you deserve more. PM