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7 Tips to Protect Your iPhone

Seven things you can do to extend your phone’s life.

by Peoria Magazine |

According to uBreakiFix (formerly Fix My Gadget), consumers unintentionally destroy their iPhones through various activities—nearly all of them avoidable. Here are seven things you can do to extend your phone’s life and save you money in repairs/replacements:

1. Don’t use cheap third-party chargers or damaged cables. They can damage your phone and even be dangerous in some circumstances. Get your charger from a reputable brand.

2. Don’t leave your phone in extreme temperature conditions—below 32° or above 95°­—especially out in the sun or in a parked vehicle, even on a day that’s only mildly hot.

3. Avoid steamy environments if you have an older iPhone. Everyone knows not to get your phone wet, but you should also keep older models out of the bathroom when the shower is on. Newer models (iPhone 7 and later) are water-resistant.

4. Only use recommended cleaning products to clean your screen. Everyday household cleaners can damage the protective coating; paper towels and napkins can scratch your display.

5. Use a tempered-glass screen protector. They’re affordable, easy to install, and will help retain your iPhone’s resale value.

6. Don’t drop your iPhone! This may seem obvious, but too many falls will eventually result in internal damage, even if your screen didn’t crack. A sturdy case won’t protect it entirely—use one anyway.

7. Avoid jailbreaking or modifying the operating system. Your iPhone will no longer be eligible for important security and software updates, leaving it vulnerable to hackers and malware. PM