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The ABC’s of Talent Attraction

A range of partner organizations are working together to attract, build and connect.

by Michael J. Freilinger, Downtown Development Corporation of Peoria |
Downtown Peoria

Being an ambassador for Peoria is one way each of us can be a leader in our community. There are many basic elements of talent attraction; being an ambassador is just one of them. By being open to change and diversity, we can foster a young and energetic workforce. We congratulate and applaud our 40 Leaders Under Forty and will look to them to be examples of great ambassadors to others. In addition, let’s consider the following ABC’s of talent attraction.

The Downtown Development Corporation (DDC) is one of many partner organizations working together to promote the diverse, creative revitalization efforts within the communities of the Greater Peoria area. Greater Peoria 2030 is a major ad campaign that launched worldwide in the form of two three-month media flights. The first launched this past September, and the second launches in March 2022 via digital/social and display advertising. The goals of GP2030 are:

  • to increase the population and talent of the GreaterPeoria region; 
  • to attract businesses to the area who need a talented workforce; 
  • to highlight the amenities that make this area a desirable place to live, work and play;
  • to communicate the positive quality-of-life attributes of the Greater Peoria area; and
  • to improve the area’s reputation in local and national circles. 

As we work to develop or “build” our community, we seek to engage local and out-of-town developers and businesses who see promise in the future of Greater Peoria. We are welcoming innovation labs, bio labs, fabric welding and short-term rentals, to name just a few out-of-the-box startups new to the Greater Peoria area. This is an exciting time for us! As we welcome these new, inventive businesses and work to sustain established ones, residential living spaces are in high demand. We are excited to see hundreds of residential units opening soon in downtown Peoria alone, offering a variety of affordable housing options. People are finding that it really does play in Peoria, and that Peoria is a great, affordable place to live, work and play. 

We are proud of the way organizations are working together to foster an inclusive business atmosphere. The Greater Peoria area has a myriad of resources and opportunities to connect people. Whether you are looking to relocate, new to town or a longtime resident, take the time to find out what Peoria has to offer. When you reach out to the Downtown Development Corporation, Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce, Greater Peoria Economic Development Council, Discover Peoria, Peoria Riverfront Association and other partners, you will be met with a willingness to help you connect and become involved in the community. We are all ambassadors to the Greater Peoria area and are eager to invite you in. PM