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Welcome to the premier issue of Peoria Magazine!

by Jan Wright, Publisher |

Welcome to the very first issue of Peoria Magazine. With this new direction, we’ve brought together the best of iBi and Art & Society in one brand-new publication. Longtime readers of these predecessor magazines will recognize some familiar faces and features, as well as some brand-new voices. Our intent is to showcase the diverse aspects of our community and all of its many wonderful amenities.

This move has been long in the making. As a publisher, I’ve observed national trends and watched the successful melding of business, community, lifestyle and art in city magazines across the country. From Crain’s Chicago Business to Forbes to The Wall Street Journal, business publications have added sections devoted to lifestyle, art and culture, while keeping an eye firmly on the business community.

This is not difficult to understand—because a thriving and healthy business community also has an active arts and culture scene. We want to reflect that as well.

At a recent CEO Council meeting, Peoria Riverfront Museum President/CEO John Morris noted that very few people come to our community for jobs alone—they are looking for a place to live. To attract and retain our young professionals, we must ensure a balance of economic opportunity, recreation and leisure options, access to healthcare and education, arts and cultural amenities, places for worship and community, and a safety net for the most vulnerable. Quality of life is paramount, and Greater Peoria has it all.

For this inaugural issue, we’ve focused on the intersection of art and business, reflecting the two publications we’ve joined together. It’s a natural pairing in the digital age, as our economic success is increasingly being driven by creativity and innovation.

As today’s entrepreneurs disrupt mature industries and the next generation puts its own unique stamp on society, savvy business leaders are rethinking old strategies and adapting to new realities. One thing hasn’t changed: People are what make our community great.

For 30 years, Peoria Magazines has celebrated the best of our community—and that hasn’t changed, either. We thank you for your support and invite you to join us on this evolving journey. Follow us on social media, sign up for our e-newsletter and send us your ideas! We want to hear from you. Thank you for your loyalty and support. PM