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Building the Local Food Economy

Peoria will participate in a federal initiative that helps communities reinvest in neighborhoods while developing the local food economy.
by Peoria Magazine |
Vegetable and Fruit Basket

Peoria is one of 15 communities selected to participate in “Local Foods, Local Places” (LFLP), a federal initiative that helps communities reinvest in neighborhoods and improve quality of life while developing the local food economy. Through this program, a team of agricultural, environmental, public health and economic development experts will work directly with the City of Peoria and other stakeholders to develop a local food system action plan.

To gather input and direction, the LFLP team held a community workshop on May 22nd and 23rd, with participants envisioning a “community wellness hub” to improve access to food and nutrition resources in the Southside neighborhood, connect neighborhood voices to development plans for more equitable outcomes, and provide business development and employment pathways so the local ag community and food service industry can thrive.

Local partners on the steering committee consist of representatives from Southside Community United for Change, OSF HealthCare, The Well Farm, Peoria City/County Health Department, the Regional Fresh Food Council and the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council.

Local Foods, Local Places has helped 93 communities across the country develop farmers’ markets, community gardens, cooperative grocery stores and other local food enterprises. Learn more about the program at PM

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