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A Coordinated Recovery

A collaborative program connects area businesses with recovery experts as the economy begins to reopen.

by Peoria Magazine |
Greater Peoria Business Recovery Program

A collaboration between the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council (GPEDC), Tada Cognitive Solutions, regional chambers of commerce, and economic development professionals launched in June to connect area businesses with recovery experts as the economy begins to reopen. The Business Recovery Program is a coordinated case management system providing businesses a single entrance point for questions and concerns related to payroll stabilization, public health regulations, workforce needs, technical assistance and more.

“The Business Recovery Program was built for businesses that have struggled to find help, as well as businesses beginning to reopen, as there will be new challenges to address in the coming months,” explains GPEDC CEO Chris Setti. “We’ve been privileged with the support of Tada Cognitive Solutions to help us create a streamlined and efficient system to help businesses meet their most pressing needs.”

Tada’s software platform forms the backbone of the GPEDC Business Recovery Program and is supported by over 30 unique organizations, who are providing the capacity to respond and help businesses stabilize and recover over the summer months. “This is a great example of our community’s ability to pull together and collaborate on how we can best serve our region,” Setti adds. “It also underlines the importance of locally-owned companies like Tada Cognitive Solutions and their incredible capacity to reinvest in the community in a very difficult time.” Participation is free, and any information shared with case managers will be kept confidential. PM