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The Craft + Drink Experience

Crafted DIY Studio & Bar promises a unique space to drink and socialize while participating in a variety of crafting projects.

by Jonathan Wright |
Crafting projects at Crafted DIY

“I have been creating ever since I can remember—I just have this creative energy that needs to get out,” says Jodie Vieira. “For seven years, I ran my own Etsy shop making and selling jewelry. But I get the most satisfaction out of learning new techniques and seeing something cool—and then making it myself.”

Now she’s about to launch her biggest project yet, as she and her husband Cliff put the finishing touches on Crafted DIY Studio & Bar. When it opens in Peoria’s Warehouse District, the Vieiras promise a unique space to drink and socialize while taking part in crafting projects ranging from leather and woodworking to jewelry making and home décor.

DIY crafts have been trending for some time, with nearly two-thirds of U.S. households participating in at least one crafting hobby. Tapping into this movement, the couple began seriously planning about a year ago. “We have an entrepreneurial spirit, and have long dreamed of opening our own business,” Jodie explains. “We are also the ultimate Do-It-Yourself-ers, so it was only a matter of time before the two converged into this one idea.”

When the couple lived in Denver, they frequented a place similar to Crafted, and Jodie notes that more and more establishments like theirs have been popping up around the country. “It’s so exciting,” she says. “I think it demonstrates that people are craving new and unique experiences when they go out.”

Crafting projects at Crafted DIY

They will start with a core set of around 15 crafting projects, adding more over time. “We chose projects that are simple enough that a novice could make them and be proud of their creation, but also have room for customization and adding an artistic flair,” Jodie explains. She created the step-by-step photo tutorials herself, adding that she even tested them on “self-proclaimed ‘not crafty’ people.”

With handcrafted cocktails, craft beers and wine rounding out the experience, Crafted will soon add to the ever-increasing catalog of things to do in Peoria. “We will be a place that people get to come have fun, but also walk away with something they made with their own two hands,” Jodie adds. “And that’s something to be proud of!” Crafted DIY Studio & Bar is set to open in February or March. PM