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An Executive Investment

Bradley University’s Theresa S. Falcon Executive MBA focuses on practical solutions for working professionals.
by Kelly Donnelly, Bradley University |
Bradley University

When investing in graduate education, it’s important to ensure that the investment pays off. Bradley University’s Theresa S. Falcon Executive MBA does just that. Bradley’s EMBA focuses on practical solutions for working professionals. EMBA students solve their own work challenges in class, making every hour spent in the program a return for both the student and the employer.

“Bradley’s EMBA program provided me with a steady flow of the latest insights, powerful ideas, and best practices from faculty and other business leaders from all over the globe,” says Lesley Matuszak, president and CEO of WTVP. “Through multidisciplinary and experiential approaches, I mastered an agenda for driving change and applying strategies that immediately benefited my business.”

The accelerated 16-month program is built for working professionals who want to develop as leaders through skill building, networking and career coaching, with less disruption to family time and work commitments. Each class is led by faculty who are experts in their fields and are able to cover current business issues such as managing costs, securing and maintaining a customer base, attracting and developing talented employees, and entering or competing in complex global markets. This program builds professional knowledge and management skills, offers practical solutions to real business problems, and enhances leadership effectiveness through executive coaching. 

Executive coaching allows students to meet their highest potential. Each student is paired with an executive coach with whom they work closely throughout the program. As students gain business acumen in the classroom, coaches facilitate the application of effective leadership skills and techniques. This is a trusted relationship designed to promote student self-discovery and behavior change, leading to improved personal effectiveness. 

Unlike traditional MBA programs, Bradley’s EMBA courses are issues-based, focusing on the most current and pressing challenges identified by managers and executives. Business issues are addressed from an interdisciplinary perspective, applying insights gained from theory and application in accounting, marketing, management and finance. The program kicks off with a week-long intensive leadership experience. Students will review assessments of their leadership strengths and areas of opportunity, build relationships with their classmates, and launch a leadership development plan to be executed during their time in the program. 

Bradley’s EMBA program has been transforming individuals since 2001 and has over 200 alumni throughout the region, including many active leaders in the Peoria community. Are you ready to move forward? Visit for more information. PM