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Exporter of the Year

Building new opportunities in new markets around the world

by Jonathan Wright |
ARi Global Solutions

Founded in 2001, ARi Global Solutions is a leading provider of integrated engineering solutions and a market leader in engine and powertrain testing. From its initial focus on industrial software development, ARi has evolved into a one-stop provider combining electronics, software and product design engineering capabilities for end-to-end solutions in a range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, agriculture, mining, logistics and automotive, as well as the defense sector.

Since launching from a single office in Peoria, ARi has extended its reach globally, opening nine additional locations throughout the United States and India. The firm is laser-focused on helping its partner businesses improve their manufacturing, technology and logistic capacities through direct onsite placement as well as special and sub-assembly work. “While we produce unique prototypes and products, much of ARi’s capacities are in assisting other companies in their manufacturing and exporting needs,” explains Doug Rasmussen, ARi director of marketing and sales. “In some instances it is not that ARi makes the product, but that it makes other products better.”ARi Global Solutions

Besides utilizing the Illinois SBDC at Bradley University, ARi has sought assistance from the International Trade Center for advice on entering new markets, government resources to identify potential partners and customers, and international trade shows to introduce new products. According to international trade specialist Jim Ryan, ARi has displayed a sophisticated approach to partnering with foreign interests while prioritizing exporting in its strategic vision and long-term growth plans. As they pursued a contract in Vietnam, for example, the ARi team was seeking to expand its contacts to develop new opportunities throughout Southeast Asia.

“The company is looking at options to utilize virtual introductions through the U.S. Commercial Service office at Bradley University to identify partners in Vietnam and to look at additional countries with solid potential,” Ryan adds. “We also have identified Mexico as a priority market and are utilizing the Illinois Office of Trade and Investment in Mexico City to conduct an outreach campaign to support their participation in the Logistic Summit & Expo in Mexico City this November.” PM