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Keeping the Peoria Love

Relics offers an assortment of unique and whimsical accessories, décor and gifts, with a focus on items unique to Peoria.

by Peoria Magazine |

*Editor’s Note: Since this interview took place, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most retailers to close their doors, making a tough industry even more difficult. When we emerge from this crisis, local retailers will face all of the same challenges… and then some. Now more than ever, we must support them by shopping local.

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Relics is a small shop in central Peoria offering an assortment of unique and whimsical accessories, décor and gifts, with a focus on the locally-made and items unique to Peoria.

What is your biggest challenge as a retailer in 2020?
Trying to keep Peoria always in a positive light. Sadly, people are down on Peoria and Illinois—I just try really hard to keep the Peoria love going. Central Illinois is an awesome place to live and play!

What strategies do you employ to mitigate any downsides from the internet?
Well, internet sales are only 11 percent of all retail sales in the U.S. Brick and mortar are still 89 percent. We use Facebook and Instagram to get the word out when we find wonderful things…

Have you seen a sustained impact from recent Shop Local campaigns?
Yes! I think people really want to support local. They will specifically ask, “What’s made locally?”

What other trends are you seeing in retail?
I think you can literally buy anything online, but not everybody wants to. Some people still like to find it, touch it, feel it, see it… They want to discover it and have a pleasant interaction with someone in their community. PM