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The New and Improved Dialysis Experience

UnityPoint Health prioritizes patient comfort and safety with its state-of-the-art dialysis center.

by Jaymee Barra, UnityPoint Health – Central Illinois |
Dialysis stations

We all appreciate the choices we get to make in life: which restaurant to visit, where to take a vacation, even simply choosing what we wear. But imagine having no choice in a matter that affects your everyday life. Nobody chooses a diagnosis that requires dialysis care, and for too long, local dialysis patients haven’t had a choice of where they received that care. UnityPoint Health – Central Illinois is proud to change that with the opening of its new Outpatient Dialysis Center on the Proctor campus.

Utopia of Dialysis Care
The new, custom-designed space includes 14 dialysis stations and personalized amenities, as well as an examination room and an educational conference room. “We’re so excited to provide dialysis patients a new space unlike any other they have experienced before. Our new facility was designed to promote healing and offer a comfortable experience,” says Dr. Samer Sader, chief medical officer for UnityPoint Health – Central Illinois. “Our patients were top of mind as we developed this center. We tried to be creative in improving their dialysis experience.”

Tom Phillips, who has been receiving dialysis for eight years, has gone to more than a dozen facilities across the United States. He started receiving care at UnityPoint Health’s Dialysis Center in late 2019. “The nurses and technicians here give me a level of care that is unsurpassed,” Phillips says. “They are kind and caring, advocate for my health and well-being, and pay attention to the protocols that keep patients safe.”

The Dialysis Center has a spa-like feel, featuring a large, easily accessible nurse’s station in the center of the room. Each dialysis station is equipped with touchscreen tablets with headphone access and curtains for privacy. “We wanted a bright space that promotes openness and gives patients constant access to their care team,” notes Ashley Burns, Outpatient Hemodialysis and Home Therapies clinical manager. “It’s easy to become a family, because patients have three treatments a week. There’s time to talk, bond and get to know people. This space is patient-oriented, soothing and caring.”

Because people often get cold during dialysis treatments, there are warm blankets available. “A warm blanket can sometimes make all the difference,” Burns adds. “We’ve designed this center to be the mecca of dialysis … or the utopia of dialysis care.”

Dialysis stations

Flexible Treatment Options
For some, receiving dialysis in the comfort of their home or on-the-go may be preferred. The UnityPoint Health In-Home Dialysis Clinic provides flexibility for those patients. Their team sets up patients and caregivers with the equipment and training needed to ensure a stress-free process.

“We believe your dialysis treatments should work around your schedule,” says Burns. “With home dialysis, you won’t need to cancel a vacation or worry about making the drive to a dialysis center three times a week to get treatment.”  PM

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