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The New, Cost-Effective MBA

Armed with an innovation mindset, you will be well-positioned for new opportunities.
by Courtesy of Midstate College |
Midstate College graduate

While some reasons for getting an MBA are obvious—greater income, accelerated career trajectory, expanded knowledge, increased credibility—there’s one additional benefit MBA graduates enjoy. An innovation mindset.

More Than Meets the Eye
Through the process of earning those three little letters, you’ll find that achieving your MBA isn’t just about crossing courses off your list. Of course, you’ll need to take a variety of classes and complete projects, but it’s not just about the assignments. It’s about increasing your strategic thinking and innovation muscles.

We know there are several challenges that can stand in the way of completing your Master of Business Administration, so when we created the new MBA program at Midstate College, we used a little innovation of our own. Knowing that cost is often the biggest barrier, we designed this degree program to be sensitive to financial and time constraints.

In addition to the cost of tuition, many MBA pursuers are actively employed and have limited time available to attend class and complete homework. That’s why we believe it should be your MBA, your way. Offering both on-campus and online options, we make it easy for employed individuals, stay-at-home parents and recent graduates to go after their MBA.

And the best part… it only takes one year for full-time students to complete the program! Its major courses provide advanced studies in analytical decision making, finance, technology, operations, marketing management, strategic leadership, global business, ethics and corporate responsibility. Elective courses provide expanded learning opportunities including supply chain analysis and planning, entrepreneurship, eCommerce and eMarketing, healthcare management, and cultural diversity in the workplace.

Armed with an MBA and an innovation mindset, you will become increasingly valuable to your employer, be positioned for new opportunities or prepared for entrepreneurial ventures. PM

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