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A New Partner Fighting Gynecologic Cancers

UnityPoint Health is increasing access to treatment for area women battling gynecologic cancers.

by Jaymee Barra, UnityPoint Health – Central Illinois |
Dr. Gunjal Garg performs complex gynecologic procedures and is an expert in minimally invasive and robotic surgeries.

Women in central Illinois who are battling gynecologic cancers have a new partner on their side. UnityPoint Health is proud to introduce gynecologic oncologist Gunjal Garg, MD, who is now serving patients in the Methodist Atrium building.

An Expert in the Field
Gynecologic oncologists specialize in cancers that affect women’s reproductive organs. Dr. Garg performs complex gynecologic procedures, including extended pelvic resections and pelvic reconstructive surgery. Dr. Garg is also an expert in minimally invasive and robotic surgeries.

Dr. Gunjal Garg performs complex gynecologic procedures and is an expert in minimally invasive and robotic surgeries.

“Gynecologic oncologists are in high demand, and patients often wait months or travel to see one,” says Anne Bowman, director of oncology for UnityPoint Health – Central Illinois. “We are extremely lucky to have Dr. Garg in this community so patients can quickly and locally access the care they need.”

With more than two decades of experience, Dr. Garg is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology for gynecologic oncology. She prides herself in providing her patients with empathy, compassion, precision and evidence-based care. In addition to patient care, Dr. Garg has served in several academic positions, most recently as assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at East Carolina University.

Dr. Garg says the surgical expertise of gynecologic oncologists sparked her interest in the field. However, as she met and treated patients, she found fulfillment in the opportunity to offer comfort to women facing their greatest challenges.

“Caring for them moved me, brought out the best in me, and gave me a sense of belonging like never before,” Dr. Garg explains. “It was the pinnacle of human experience: to be able to offer support, comfort and possibly a cure to those braving one of the deadliest diseases known to mankind.” 

Beyond Physical Treatment
For Dr. Garg, patient care extends beyond physical medical treatment. She prioritizes meeting patients’ psychosocial needs, so they are cared for comprehensively. She listens to their concerns, including connecting patients with staff who can assist with finding transportation to and from treatment, addressing financial issues, and the impact their cancer diagnosis may have on their loved ones.

UnityPoint Health Oncology provides an integrated approach to cancer treatment. This includes close collaboration with pathologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and radiologists, as well as open communication with all providers involved in care. This comprehensive strategy helps ensure each patient receives an accurate diagnosis, surgical expertise, cutting-edge radiation therapies, and coordinated, compassionate care. 

“We come alongside patients and travel their cancer journey with them, so they know they have an ear to listen to them and a hand to help them get through such a difficult time,” Bowman adds. “Our team helps eliminate barriers patients experience within the healthcare system and works together to get patients seen quickly so we can get them to treatment as soon as possible.” PM

UnityPoint Health – Gynecologic Oncology is now open in the Methodist Atrium Building. Patients interested in receiving a referral to see Dr. Garg can call (309) 671-7773.