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New Year, New Beginnings

An exciting new development is set to bring commercial and residential tenants to the Warehouse District.

by Michael J. Freilinger, Downtown Development Corporation of Peoria |
Casey Baldovin

It is a new year, and new beginnings are underway in Peoria’s Warehouse District as well. Most notably, the 800 block of SW Adams Street is transforming into a premier go-to spot for upscale residences, retail and commercial spaces. Last November, the Downtown Development Corporation of Peoria (DDC) held a news conference to announce that it had purchased properties in the Warehouse District. This acquisition allowed the DDC to market these properties for redevelopment.

During negotiations of the contract, the DDC found a buyer for the buildings at 800 and 810 SW Adams Street. The Baldovin Development Company team, led by Casey Baldovin, purchased the Federal Building and the Mitchell Fabrics Building, located at 800 and 810 SW Adams, respectively. Their vision for the Adams and Oak Street project includes modern, up-scale residential studios; one- and two-bedroom units on the first five floors; and larger two-bedroom and three-bedroom luxury apartments on the top floor.

Commercial spaces could be as small as 900 square feet to as large as 21,000 square feet, depending on the needs of the tenant. They are looking for potential commercial tenants who would fit well with the culture of the area and who value quality to offer a unique customer experience.

“For this building, I envision a development that will bring 100 to 140 jobs, offer rooftop amenities, and bring 90-plus high-end apartment units to 800 and 810 SW Adams Street,” explains Casey Baldovin. “In terms of commercial tenants, the possibilities are open. The size of the property allows for small businesses as well as major companies to consider operating their business here in Peoria’s iconic Warehouse District.”

We anticipate that this massive development will be a huge asset to the Warehouse District. In addition, it will serve as the catalyst for other like-minded developments and businesses to be a part of downtown Peoria. This will be an anchor to an entirely new retail section—where people want to come downtown to live, work, shop and enjoy the many new amenities these developments will offer.

“We look forward to redeveloping these beautiful, historic buildings into a thriving mix of entertainment-based commercial spaces and modern residential apartments,” Baldovin adds. PM

Pre-leasing information is available at or by calling the Baldovin Development Company at (309) 422-6917. For more information, head to for a virtual tour. For more information about downtown development, call (309) 369-6038 or email [email protected]