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Shining On Any Stage

Here’s a tip to help overcome “Zoom stage fright." It’s all about how you breathe! 

by Edie Barnard, Barnard Communications |

Do you suffer from stage fright? For some, fear of public speaking ranks higher than the fear of death. Stage fright also happens on the “Stage of Zoom.” Even thinking about speaking on a Zoom call makes many people cringe.

Here’s a tip to help overcome “Zoom stage fright,” based on my years of experience as a theatre director and confidence coach. It’s all about how you breathe! Shallow breathing from the upper chest conveys nervousness. Breathing from the belly, however, calms your body’s innate stress response and projects confidence.

Place your hand on your belly and imagine it expanding like a balloon when you inhale through your nose, and contracting when you exhale through your mouth. This technique of belly breathing helps to overcome stage fright by changing your body posture and improving your vocal projection.

In my 1:1 coaching, we combine these foundational techniques so you can share your expertise successfully in a business meeting, on Zoom, in everyday life, or wherever you desire to stand up and be seen.

Don’t let shyness keep you from shining on the stage of life. Sign up for “From Foolish to Fabulous on the ‘Stage of Zoom’” and learn how to show up confidently in any setting—supported by your breathing, vocal projection, eye contact, body language and stage presence. Visit to register. PM