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Stretch, Optimize, Stand

The National Spine Health Foundation recently issued a “save our spines” S.O.S.

by Peoria Magazine |
spine health tips

spine health tipsFrom remote workers to students learning at home, many of us are sitting in front of screens for longer periods of time these days. With that in mind, the National Spine Health Foundation warns that your health is at risk if proper posture, exercises and practices aren’t enacted. The organization recently issued a “save our spines” S.O.S., meaning “Stretch, Optimize, Stand”—three simple ways to make a big impact on spinal wellness:

  • Stretch throughout the day;
  • Optimize your workspace;
  • Stand and move at least once per hour.

By cultivating healthy habits—including maintaining proper sitting form; staying hydrated; and incorporating simple exercises, stretches and screen breaks—those who are learning or working remotely can prevent injury, live free of pain, and avoid developing bad habits that can last a lifetime. Learn more at spinehealth.orgPM