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From Sweet to Painful…

Jimmystick’s Pepper Products creates hot sauces and dried pepper blends for connoisseurs of hot and spicy foods.

by Peoria Magazine |
Jimmystick’s Pepper Products

by Jonathan Wright

Based in Athens near Springfield, Illinois, Jimmystick’s Pepper Products offers homegrown pepper products for connoisseurs of hot and spicy foods. “We specialize in over 100 varieties of peppers, from sweet to painful,” explains James Walsh. “Each year we add new varieties based on customer requests or potential new products.”

The Jimmystick’s product line includes hot sauces and dried pepper blends with a range of flavors and heat levels. “All of our products are made in small batches, and the only difference between the five flavors of sauce is the types of peppers used,” he adds. “They all have a consistent savory component from the garlic and onion, as well as tangy notes from the vinegar.”

Walsh and his family started growing peppers more than a decade ago. As they refined their hot sauce and dried pepper recipes, positive feedback encouraged them to make a business out of it. Each year, they expand the garden while experimenting with new flavors. “There has been more interest in the super-hot varieties in recent years so there will definitely be more options in the ‘painful’ category,” Walsh says of his plans for 2021. “I believe we will try to make a limited amount of a super-hot sauce to test the market.” jimmystick.comPM