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Take 10: Greg Batton

Ten things you didn't know about the talk show host and radio personality...
by Peoria Magazine |
Greg and Yvonne at the 2019 Grammy Awards

Greg Batton has been co-hosting The Greg and Dan Show on WMBD Radio since 2005 with partner Dan Diorio, who’s been his friend for 30 years. Prior to this, his radio partner of 10 years was his wife, Yvonne Greer. He loves getting on the mic every morning not knowing exactly where it will take them.

In recent years, Greg began doing standup comedy, which he claims is not too different from talk radio—except for the immediate feedback of a live audience. “There is nothing like it,” he says, adding that he is thankful for those who have helped guide him along the way. Over the years, Greg has acted in live theater and television and done voice-overs for movies, TV and radio. He is also an internet minister, having married two couples (“I’m not sure they are legally married,” he will quip).

Greg and Yvonne at the 2019 Grammy Awards

Greg loves collecting, telling and sharing stories—and sometimes making them up. “I dream a lot,” he says. “I dream of what I want to be. I dream of how I want the world to be. I dream about my next radio show. I dream about how I can do more for those in my small corner of the world.”

Greg has four children, loves all things dad-related, and has been married to Yvonne since 1995. “Every day is a crazy carnival ride with her,” he says. “I know it’s corny, but she does help me to be a better man.” His words of advice? “Do good. Be nice. Go home. Repeat.”

  1. What’s your favorite aspect of central Illinois? I love living here for many reasons… but if I have to pick one, I will say the seasons. It’s cool when winter finally loosens its grip on us and the colors of spring explode all around us. I love the sweltering hot, humid days of summer. Who would argue that Grandview Drive in the fall isn’t the most spectacular display of nature’s color? Even winter, with all its challenges, is beautiful to me. Oh, and I really like we all enjoy complaining about the weather, too! We are pretty good at it.
  2. What would you say to your 20-year-old self? Do it sooner. Be bolder. No one cares. Life is electric.
  3. What are your quirky habits? Before The Greg and Dan Show starts, everything has to be in its place. My phone, my notebook, my notes, my coffee cup, the mini blinds in the studio… they all have to be “just so” before the show starts or I am uncomfortable.
  4. The person who’s had the greatest impact on your life: I believe every single person in your life is there to teach you something. The person with the greatest impact is my wife, Yvonne. I am humbled by her talents, her ability to love and to see the best in people, especially me.
  5. Favorite vacation spot: We have been going to Jamaica for years. I love everything about the place, but I especially love the Jamaican people. All that said, man, Maui was cool.
  6. Which of the five senses do you treasure most? While I am in the audio business (radio), I would have to say sight. I am moved most often by the beauty in what I witness. Nature can move me to tears. A baby’s smile will make me laugh. A picture of someone I love will make my day.
  7. Greg and Yvonne Halloween 2017What do you do when you want to relax? I am relaxed a lot. My job is fun. My day-to-day obligations are usually interesting. The only situation that gets me to feel like i need a break is when the schedule gets too busy. Then there is only one way to relax. Sleep!
  8. What’s one thing you’d rather pay somebody to do than do yourself? Yvonne’s schedule is more hectic than mine, so I am often responsible for making dinner. Or should be. I am not a good cook, nor do I enjoy it. I would pay to have someone make dinner for us.
  9. What was your first job? My dad owned a welding supply business. My first job, at 13, was to paint oxygen tanks. My dad owned those tanks, and they would get banged up on the jobs. Dad wanted them to look nice. Armed with a five-gallon bucket of green paint, I would paint hundreds of these tanks each summer. That was not particularly enjoyable.
  10. What’s next? Wow, that’s the BIG question! I have no idea what’s next but I am looking forward to it with every breath! More BIGness! Whatever is next should reflect that… I am going to try to do my part in taking The Greg and Dan Show farther and faster than any of us ever imagined. PM