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Urgent Care: A Flexible Model

OSF Urgo meets people where they live, shop and work.

by Lisa Coon, OSF HealthCare |
OSF Urgo

When you need medical care for basic things like the flu, sprains, minor lacerations, sports physicals and upper respiratory infections, where are you getting that care? There was a time when you would call your doctor’s office—and while that option still exists, a growing number of people want more flexibility when it comes to accessing healthcare.

ANew Kind of Care
With that in mind, OSF HealthCare introduced the OSF Urgo urgent care clinic model nearly two years ago when it opened its first location on North Centerway Drive in Peoria. Since then, three additional clinics have opened in the Peoria area, including East Peoria and Washington. A clinic in Morton opens on April 21, and another in the Junction City Shopping Center will open in June. Following this, OSF will have opened a total of 15 clinics. Outside of the Peoria area, OSF Urgo clinics are located in Bloomington, Normal, Champaign-Urbana, Danville, Morris and Ottawa, with continued growth planned.

OSF Urgo treats a wide range of mild illnesses and injuries, including allergies; cold or flu symptoms; earaches, sore throats, fevers and headaches; minor burns, bruises and fractures; urinary tract and upper respiratory infections; and scrapes, minor cuts, sprains and breaks. OSF Urgo also provides seasonal flu shots, lab work and x-rays, occupational medicine (physicals, initial injury care, drug testing), and medications and supplies as part of your treatment.

“OSF Urgo is designed for individuals and young families who want to have quick and convenient access to high quality healthcare in the areas where they live, work and play,” says Brandi Clark, vice president of On Demand Services. “That’s why our clinics are located in retail areas—to be near people as they shop or run errands.”

Developing Relationships
The goal of OSF Urgo is to develop relationships by meeting people where they are in their healthcare journey. The facilities care for people of all ages and are open 8am to 8pm, 365 days a year, including holidays. People can walk in for care or schedule online at Each clinic is staffed by a radiology technologist, an advanced practice provider, and two care guides who stay with the patient throughout the visit. 

“We are not providing urgent care services simply for urgent care’s sake, but rather to provide a differentiated experience to instill trust in OSF as a partner in your healthcare, whatever your needs may be,” Clark says. “We know today’s consumers are busy, and expectations continue to grow around convenient and easy access to goods and services. We seek to anticipate those needs and provide the level of service and high-quality care our patients deserve and expect. 

“If you are ill or have a minor injury that doesn’t pose an immediate threat to life, OSF Urgo is likely the right choice instead of going to the emergency department, where you may encounter long wait times and higher costs,” she adds.

The care model has been incredibly successful in the Peoria community. “We’ve developed relationships with people who never utilized OSF for their healthcare needs in the past, as well as strengthening relationships we have with thousands of others who have trusted us over the years,” Clark notes. “The feedback we’ve received is very positive. Patients appreciate the easy access, online wait times and scheduling, and the ability to get what they need quickly and get on with their busy lives.” PM

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