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The Well You: Five Pillars for Optimal Health

Devotion to everyday well-being cultivates a legacy for lifelong happiness.

by Mary Ardapple Dierker, Coreview Coach |
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Whether at home or in the workplace, today’s fast-paced society requires laser focus, a high level of resilience, mental resoluteness and personal fortitude. This constant frenetic pace can challenge our personal resolve to live a healthy lifestyle. Previously, as a small business owner, there never seemed enough time to fully comprehend the actualized balance between the demands of work and desires at home. But after making a willing commitment toward daily healthful practices, “The Well You Philosophy & Lifestyle” has originated as a guide to live with purpose and passion in a way that is healthy, flexible, fun and rewarding.

As individuals today live longer than previous generations, cultivating devotion to everyday well-being is essential. Shouldn’t our ultimate goal be to live in optimal health and happiness long-term, if possible? However, it’s easy to overlook all the things that contribute to our sense of nourishment and fulfillment.

It’s not just the food one eats that affects our health, but the balancing of four additional factors in our daily lives. Healthy relationships, a fulfilling vocation, regular physical movement and spiritual awareness represent essential “primary food” for complete nourishment. When these four “primary food” categories are in balance, what one eats becomes “secondary.” Together, these five pillars are the foundation for successfully living with increased zest, purpose and joy. 

  1. Nutrition. For optimal performance, the body and mind do need a nutrient-rich diet. Wellness is about being well-fed. Choosing to eat fresh, wholesome foods and staying hydrated so your body can produce energy, perform well and rejuvenate itself is the frontline training manual for your mind—to manage stress and improve your emotional intelligence at home and in the workplace.
  2. Healthy relationships. Building relationships based on trust, integrity, purpose, vision and open communication, with a style of authenticity without compromise, are prescriptive to the creation of your personal health plan. Prioritizing nurturing relationships fosters the encouragement needed to let go of toxic and limiting relationships that inhibit you from attaining your dreams and desires.
  3. Fulfilling vocation or avocation. Self-confidence, performance satisfaction and purposeful health benefits are available in many forms. Whether you are in the prime of your career, a full-time volunteer or focused on an avocation does not diminish the health benefits of living with purpose. No matter your age or phase of life, living mindfully with purpose and a clear focus on well-being exudes an unstoppable energy, heightens motivation, and is just pure fun. 
  4. Physical movement. Stress, hard work and lots of thinking create tension in the body, which can lead to chronic aches and nagging discomfort. Many try to alleviate these symptoms with alcohol or sugar, or the excuse of being too being tired to exercise, which only increases the discomfort and anesthetizes the body. Developing a regular exercise program to suit your body type and lifestyle will have numerous rewards. The challenge is to find the types of exercise you enjoy most and build them consistently into your daily life. Listening to your body is the first step. Place trust in its ability to guide you to improved feelings of comfort and physical ease.
  5. Spiritual awareness. Cultivating a spiritual practice nurtures an individual’s innermost being. It allows the presence of an inner peace, acceptance and self-love to result from the development of an intentional relationship to a power greater than oneself.

The potentiality of living healthfully is available within each of us by utilizing an intentional willingness to shift patterns which manifest an abundant happiness and health legacy. Your life journey can change when you shift focus away from external accomplishments and needs and deepen your awareness for “The Well You Philosophy & Lifestyle” and its five pillars for optimal health. Why not begin today? PM

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