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Best of Peoria

From its very first tractor to the “Age of Smart Iron,” Caterpillar Inc. has built one of the world’s most successful companies on the foundation of its commitment to high-tech innovation. In recent years, Cat has doubled down on this commitment with a range of new initiatives, including the grand opening of the Caterpillar 3D Printing & Innovation Accelerator—encompassing three new innovation spaces at its Global Research & Development Center in Mossville and its Cast Metals Organization in Mapleton.

With young professionals at the helm of many of these efforts, the Young Professionals of Caterpillar employee resource group works to engage, develop and empower this community of young talent, while the Caterpillar Foundation continues to perform life-changing work both locally and around the world, working collaboratively to end extreme poverty and put people on a path to prosperity.

Best of Peoria