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Best of Peoria

Upon opening Cracked Pepper in 2005, Travis Mohlenbrink of Spice Hospitality Group quickly became one of Peoria’s go-to caterers—and has since built an empire of distinctive restaurant concepts. Salt opened in 2011; Sugar Wood-Fired Bistro followed in 2013; and Thyme Kitchen + Craft Beer came along in 2015, solidifying his place as one of Peoria’s top restaurateurs. After successfully transforming Salt into Cayenne, he expanded Cracked Pepper and opened Industry Brewing Company—featuring a variety of craft beers brewed on the premises, a game room, and food service. He also operates The Warehouse on State, an event center located in Peoria’s Warehouse District. As Mohlenbrink continues to experiment and try new things, there’s always something new around the corner.