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Community Impact

To foster the appreciation of science, to spread scientific knowledge, and to promote scientific research.

For the public, especially students, to become “science literate.”

The Peoria Academy of Science was founded in 1930 by a group of Peoria professional and amateur scientists who wanted to host meetings of the Illinois State Academy of Science. The group hosted the state conference the following year.

This concept of a federation of science groups was so successful that within the state it became known as the “Peoria Plan.” It was copied in many other communities and several colleges and universities. Today, the only two remaining in Illinois are the Chicago Academy of Science and the Peoria Academy of Science.

The Academy has approximately 600 members within seven disciplines. All seven sections are quite active and participate in many regional and national activities.

Our member sections include: Astronomy, Audubon Society, Botany, Entomology, Geology, Herpetology and Tropical Fish Society. All seven sections are active and participate in regional and national activities. Visitors are welcome at meetings of the sections. We also have a close affiliation with the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

Scholarship Fund
The Scholarship Fund annually awards a $1,000 scholarship to a student from the Tri-County Area who is a member of one of the Academy Sections or a physical science major at Bradley University, Eureka College or Illinois Central College. Details can be found at

Science Granting Fund
The Science Granting Program provides funding assistance for new science-oriented educational programs. Eligible grant candidates must be involved in some aspect of science, engineering, technology or education. Details can be found at

Science Treasure Hunt for Children
The Peoria Academy of Science and Peoria Riverfront Museum are proud sponsors of the 31st annual Science Treasure Hunt, running from April 17 to September 6 (Labor Day). The Treasure Hunt is a combination of family adventure and scavenger hunt focused on science and technology facilities and resources in the Tri-County Area. The intent is to get students from first to eighth grade involved in visiting various “Science Sites” in our area and performing some “Everyday Science Experiments.”

Access to view the various “Science Sites.” Most require an onsite visit, but some are virtual, and the questions for those sites can be answered by using the internet. 

  • Begin visiting the Science Sites you select.
  • Enter your answers to the questions on your computer. Each Science Site has a six digit “code” which you will enter to prove you visited the site.
  • Perform eight or more Everyday Science Experiments and enter your answers on your computer.
  • When you have visited eight or more Science Sites and performed eight or more Everyday Science Experiments, you may submit your application.

All entrants must be students between 1st grade and 8th grade as of April 17, 2021. There is no fee to participate, although some sites may charge an admission fee. Details can be found at

One hundred winners will be chosen at random from the qualifying entrants. Each will receive prizes consisting of books, puzzles and other neat science stuff. Then, three of the initial 100 winners are randomly selected to receive a “science shopping spree” from the NASCO Science Catalog.

Each of the 100 winners will be advised by e-mail or letter and invited to the award ceremony at Peoria Riverfront Museum in September, where they will receive their prizes and participate in the drawing for the additional top three prizes.

Participants do not have to be present to be one of the 100 preliminary winners, but you must be present to win one of the additional top three prizes.

Peoria Academy of Science
P.O. Box 3412
Peoria, IL 61612-3412
(309) 648-4153

Facebook: @PeoriaAcademyOfScience

Jim Travis, President
Frank Hitchell, Vice President
Jeff McNutt, Treasurer