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For the past several years, the Illinois Farm Bureau has created a nine-month Ag-In-the-Classroom calendar for distribution to grade schools throughout Illinois. The calendars are excellent learning tools for children, as 98 percent of children growing up today do not live on a farm.

Obviously, all the children getting their education in District 150 schools are removed from the everyday experiences of the farm, but it’s surprising to see the number of students in the rural areas of Peoria County, such as Brimfield, Elmwood and Princeville, that have students whose parents are not involved in the production of agriculture.

The calendar begins in September and concludes in June. Each month highlights an agricultural topic, class activity and full color photo. Each weekday highlights a farm fact.

Although the calendars are geared for elementary classrooms, we can all learn from the information it shares. Following is a taste of the first three months of the educational calendar.

As you can see, there are a lot of fun facts all of us can learn about agriculture. It touches our lives in a variety of ways on a daily basis. IBI