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The community has spoken, and Dallas/Fort Worth is our next destination. Starting July 15, you'll be able to go non-stop to Dallas/Fort Worth and beyond on American Eagle. As with all of our successes, there was a team effort by the Airport Authority Board and staff, local chambers, and the community. We also owe thanks to Congressman LaHood and Mayor Ransburg for their support.

American Eagle's decision to add non-stop Dallas/Fort Worth service and a sixth daily flight to Chicago was directly influenced by central Illinois' business climate, community support, political backing, and American Eagle's current success in the Peoria market. Greater Peoria Regional Airport will be American Eagle's downstate hub for air service. We've established a successful record with the new non-stop Las Vegas service, where the Greater Peoria Regional Airport can provide the necessary air service for the central Illinois region.

We can now offer two western cities as destinations or connections to even more cities and countries around the world. Dallas/Fort Worth offers easy connections to more than 200 destinations worldwide. This is a great addition to the Las Vegas destination.

Starting July 15, regional jets will depart twice a day from Peoria and Dallas/Fort Worth. Flights are scheduled as follows:

In addition to the new Dallas/Fort Worth service, American Eagle has added its sixth flight to Chicago during midday to make it more convenient to fly to and from Peoria. At a time when directives from the U.S. Department of Transportation are mandating a reduction in flights from American Airlines and United Airlines into and out of O'Hare, the addition of this sixth Chicago flight demonstrates the support and demand for air service from central Illinois travelers. With this flight, the Greater Peoria Regional Airport now offers 10 daily flights to Chicago between American Eagle and United, giving us a high level of frequency and reliability.

With these additional flights, American will now offer non-stop service to Chicago, St. Louis, and Dallas/Fort Worth, with 11 daily flights and more than 460 seats out of Peoria every day. This premium level of air service shows American Eagle's strong commitment and partnership with the Peoria community.

As support for our community airport grows, hopefully, so will the number of destinations and added service and amenities. Our mission is to develop world class and customer-friendly airport facilities while providing affordable, convenient, and safe air services to the rest of the world. We're working to be self-sustaining and a dominant economic engine for the entire central Illinois region. And we're on our way, thanks to your support. IBI