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In today's "instant" world, people want to get from point A to point B in the least amount of time possible. Or maybe it's more about when you were younger and used to see airplanes flying on a beautiful day and said to yourself, "Someday I'd like to fly one of those!" Well, why not take the opportunity to learn how to fly?

Mt. Hawley offers modern, up-to-date flight instruction in a fun and professional atmosphere. Instruction begins with the basic climbs, turns, and maneuvers. When you've completed the number of hours required, you'll be flying solo. After additional training and hours, you'll be ready to test for your Private Pilot Certificate, and the sky's the limit.

Ground school consists of instruction and class discussion on basic aerodynamics, aircraft systems, flight instruments, regulations, procedures and airport operations, weather, aircraft performance, enroute flight, communication procedures, and navigation. Ground school class consists of two evenings per week and lasts nine weeks. The next class begins this fall.

Mt. Hawley also offers charter service. Chartering can be just as efficient-and sometimes more so-as flying a group on a commercial airline.

Midwest Avtech, Inc. recently purchased the assets of North Point Aviation. We welcome Chuck Studer and Tim Koster to the Greater Peoria Airport Authority family. We also want to say thank you to Mike Fish and Denny Driscoll for their many years of service to the general aviation community. We wish them the best of luck in their retirement.

Midwest Avtech, Inc. has been in business at the Illinois Valley Regional Airport in Peru for 14 years. Chuck has more than 27 years of aircraft maintenance experience, including 20 years in general aviation. Tim has logged more than 8,000 hours flying air charter, pipeline patrol, and instruction. Their dedication to safety and customer service has allowed them to build an excellent reputation.

Midwest Avtech, Inc. is an FAA-approved Part 135 Air Charter Operator. Whatever your aviation needs, you can call them anytime. Chuck and Tim also invite you to come out and visit Mt. Hawley. Stop by to check out the ground school class, discuss aviation, or just have a cup of coffee. Mt. Hawley Airport is located at 1320 West Bird Boulevard in north Peoria, just off of North Knoxville. IBI