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Can you believe it's already time to start thinking about your holiday travel plans? Here are some tips for booking your travel and preparing for your trip:

  • Using a travel search engine can be cost effective if you're flexible with your travel plans, but it can also be time consuming. If, for some reason, you miss a connecting flight, you could have big problems. Using a travel agent relieves some of the stress, and generally the small savings isn't worth the peace of mind.
  • Book as early as possible for the best fares.
  • With passenger traffic numbers above pre-September 11 levels, it's important to arrive 90 minutes before your flight.
  • Every passenger must go through two stages of screening: baggage checkpoints and passenger checkpoints.
  • Don't lock your suitcase. In Peoria, you're present when the TSA is checking in bags. At most airports, however, you aren't present, and the TSA will cut off the locks if they need to screen inside the bag.
  • Carry-on baggage is limited to one bag, which must fit in the overhead or under your seat, plus one personal item per person. Personal items may include a purse, briefcase, laptop computer, or backpack.
  • Pack undeveloped film in your carry-on . The checked baggage screening equipment can destroy undeveloped film.
  • Carry a photo ID and your boarding pass with you at all times, and have them handy.
  • Travelers should check with their airline before flying with aerosol canisters; some are prohibited on the aircraft.
  • All sharp instruments like knives, scissors, corkscrews, and blades of any type or size need to be packed in your checked baggage. The TSA will confiscate these items at the security checkpoint.
  • If you have a medical condition that requires you to carry a needle or syringe on your person or in your carry-on, you must have the medication that requires such injection on your person.
  • Only ticketed passengers are allowed past the security screening area. Persons wishing to greet travelers should meet them at the lower level baggage claim area. If you have a minor child, a medical, or other verifiable need to accompany a ticketed passenger, please check with your airline to determine how to proceed.
  • Make advance arrangements with your airline if you require special assistance, such as a wheelchair.
  • If you're picking up or dropping off passengers, please don't leave your car unattended in the pick up/drop off area on the main level. Unattended vehicles parked will be ticketed and towed. We have convenient metered parking spaces on both the upper and lower drives.
  • We have a viewing area where you can watch the planes land and take off. The viewing area is located on a deck off the courtyard area behind the restaurant.

For more traveling and packing tips, please visit Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season, and thank you for supporting your airport. IBI