A Publication of WTVP

My name is Ken Spirito, and I’m the director of airports for the Greater Peoria Airport Authority. Our airport system includes Peoria Regional Airport and Mt. Hawley Airport. I’m honored to have been selected for this position. Over the next several weeks, I intend to meet as many community leaders as possible and collectively understand the community’s perspective as to how we, the Airport Authority, can provide better service.

Our airports are ready to be taken to the next level in service, functionality, and economic impact. A vision will be created. A strategic plan will be set, and a business model will be established to allow future growth and unlimited potential. However, to do this successfully, we’ll need your help. Our airport is your airport. It’s a vital piece of the overall presentation of the greater Peoria area. More than 520,000 people traveled in and out of the Greater Peoria Regional Airport in 2005—the most passengers ever. What does that mean? It means more people are investing in the future of the greater Peoria area.

So, where does the community come in? The people who live in a particular community ultimately will dictate the success of that community. Supporting the local economy by supporting the local airport means more seats, lower ticket prices, and more non-stop destinations. I’m very excited to become a part of this growing community, and I’ll work hard every day to make it more convenient and economical to fly from home.

The Greater Peoria Regional Airport Authority has embarked on a new era of management, development, and leadership. Come be apart of the excitement, and fly Peoria. IBI