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Linux is based on industry standard UNIX operating systems that have evolved over the years into a variety of different flavors. Linux is a shareware and available for free or very inexpensively from companies like Red Hat. An operating system is software code that allows hardware-like a PC-to interact with software programs. Today, other than Linux, operating systems like Microsoft XP or Windows, OS/400, and OS/390 (for mainframes) cost money to install, customize, maintain, and upgrade. Linux can substantially reduce that cash outlay, saving your firm money to invest in other areas.

Linux is here to stay and getting stronger every day. IBM is out in front waving the Linux banner. Internally, IBM is running Linux on more than 1,200 servers, including those running Companies like PeopleSoft and PSC Group are following suit.

Because Linux isn’t well understood, here’s a summary of advantages for those considering Linux. 

Bring in a firm that has expertise with Linux, and enjoy the savings to your bottom line. IBI