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Central Illinois businesses work. Our organizations work. Our people work. We work hard. And most importantly, we work together.

Understanding this as one of the region’s core strengths, the theme for the EDC’s annual meeting, which takes place at 4 p.m., June 12th, at the Gateway Building on the Peoria Riverfront, is "Central Illinois Works." It’s time to celebrate central Illinois, and the spirit of collaboration found here. Evidence of the success realized through collaboration of businesses with the EDC and other organizations is present in the strong business community in central Illinois.

One way in which our annual meeting enables us to celebrate is through the awarding of the Business Achievement Awards. These awards celebrate the achievements of three specific businesses, which, with the assistance of the EDC, realized substantial growth throughout the year.

While the Business Achievement Awards recognize past and current achievement, the other part of our annual meeting will focus on trends affecting central Illinois now and in the future. Dr. Richard Judy, chairman of Workforce Associates, Inc., will speak about the Workforce 21st Century study he recently completed for the tri-County region. His comments will address current labor trends and what we can do to continuously improve and utilize our workforce in the future.

This year’s annual report will also be released at the meeting. Our investors and readers will find three success stories within the annual report.

One is from a start-up company in Woodford County, a company building itself from the ground up. Another is a company that has been growing in central Illinois for some time and found the tri-County area to be a perfect market in which to build a strong presence. The third company is a company new to the area, expanding here from its original location. Through the stories of these three companies, it is apparent how the EDC assists in the growth and development of central Illinois.

We look forward to our annual meeting and the release of our 2001 Annual Report. The upcoming year holds much in store for the EDC and the tri-County region. Through collaboration and partnership, we will continue to ensure central Illinois works today, tomorrow, and into the future. IBI