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Recognizing Business Achievements

Each year, the EDC takes the opportunity at our annual meeting to recognize area businesses that have demonstrated significant advances locally, while upholding standards of excellence for products, services, and employees. This year was no exception, as three outstanding companies received the Business Achievement Award at our annual meeting in June. The 2002 recipients were Peoria Charter Coach Company from Peoria County, Precision Laser Manufacturing from Tazewell County, and Mangold Ford from Woodford County.

Peoria Charter Coach Company had its beginnings in 1941 as a small charter coach operator. Fifty years later, faced with an outgrown facility, the company demonstrated its loyalty to the area by not only remaining in Peoria but expanding to an additional location. Now employing 130 staff members, this company completed the expansion in 1999, doubling the size of its lot and creating room for 25 additional coaches. To demonstrate its commitment to employees, this company has a policy of allowing employees to use the new conference facility for everything from driver training meetings to bridal showers and graduation receptions. Much more than a local charter company, this organization operates tours and bus trips throughout the nation, building a reputation for itself and taking the Peoria name with it everywhere it goes.

Precision Laser Manufacturing was purchased in 1996. Specializing in laser cutting of parts for equipment in the earthmoving equipment industry, this company also does laser cutting of stainless steel for the food processing and medical industries as well. In addition, they provide laser tube cutting for machinery and laser engraving of intricate part numbers. Their expansion in 2001 to a larger facility is part of the reason PLM was able to grow from a small company with just one laser machine, to a company operating three machines with 10 full-time employees. PLM’s commitment to the area is demonstrated by its use of local suppliers, accountants, and vendors.

Mangold Ford began as a small dealership, which was opened in 1956 by the cuurrent owner’s father. This company consistently expanded, outgrowing two previous locations and reaching a current employment of 76 employees. Mangold Ford’s recent expansion includes 18 bays, an all-weather service drive, quick oil change lane, upgraded detail department and parts department, and a larger modernized showroom. The company’s goal of serving customers quickly and efficiently while establishing personal relationships with customers resulted in a satisfied customer base and close knit employee team. Building a personal atmosphere and attitude for customers remains a common goal for the company and its employees.

These three companies are shining examples of positive growth and development, while maintaining the highest standards in products and service. Their relationships with both customers and employees are commendable, and we join the counties of Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford in commending them for their achievements. IBI