A Publication of WTVP

To drive positive change in our community, the business community-that's you and I-need to speak with one voice to our elected policy makers. Otherwise, policy makers are left with a confusing assortment of mixed messages.

The Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with other chambers around the state, is leading the way to do just that. We've developed a joint legislative agenda for 2004, which is highlighted below. Why is a common, business-generated legislative agenda important to our communities? Because we're best positioned to communicate with our governor, state representatives, and senators concerning the policy initiatives needed to create and sustain jobs and prosperity in our communities.

Each of us has the responsibility to do our share by contacting our legislators on these important issues. The Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to providing you with the information you need and the opportunities to talk with the legislators. The rest is up to us.

Human Resource Issues

Business Tax Climate Issues

We support repeal of anti-business taxes and fees passed in the spring 2003 session, including $1 billion in higher business taxes and fees. Important tax incentives, credits, and structural features of our tax system have been eliminated in the last two years. Repeals should focus on: rolling stock exemption (tax on trucking), elimination of sales tax exemptions for certain businesses, elimination of business income tax exemptions, death tax, natural gas tax, workers' compensation fee increases, and environmental fee increases.

Illinois' gaming industry: Higher admission taxes and a regressive tax structure takes 50 percent of gross receipts from the most successful riverboats. We support a return to pre-2003 tax levels and approval of new gaming positions at existing facilities.

Civil Justice Reform