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You may be wondering what to expect from Springfield and Washington this year or how the actions of Congress and the General Assembly will help your business or make your life more difficult. These are common questions we all have, and that's why the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce invites you to the Legislative Briefing. This is an event to gather information from the professionals at the Illinois and the U.S. Chambers to prepare you to knowledgeably participate in the legislative process.

After hearing what some of the elected officials have to say, you may want to get your voice heard in the local legislative process. On behalf of the area Chambers of Commerce (Clinton, Chillicothe, East Peoria, Limestone, Morton, Pekin, Peoria, and Washington), we invite you to meet with our local senators and representatives at the 19th Annual Heart of Illinois Legislative Reception. Coupled with that, the Chamber also hosts the State of the City of Peoria Address by Mayor Ransburg. At these great networking events, you'll get the opportunity to improve the lines of communication between the business community and our local and state elected officials. We must make aware our needs and concerns to our chosen officials on issues that impact our local businesses. This reception will give you the occasion to speak directly to our area representatives on issues that are important to you.

Hosted by the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce and Congressman Ray LaHood, every year about 90 representatives from Peoria, Springfield, Decatur, Jacksonville, and Quincy participate in the Washington Fly In. These participants travel to the homeland of federal government to let them know what's important to central Illinois businesses. Members of Congress and the administration want to know what business owners and managers are thinking and how they feel on issues that impact their life personally. With that in mind, Congressman LaHood and his staff have coordinated a lineup of speakers unparalleled for the price. These are the individuals setting policy for our nation.

In addition, the Washington Fly In develops and renews relationships with Peoria business leaders-and business leaders in other central Illinois communities-that lead to new business opportunities. Participants have a level of access to the most influential people of this country that's highly unusual and beneficial. This contact enables them to share their perspectives on issues of importance to their businesses directly with the nation's policy makers. IBI