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To be successful in dealing with today’s economy, businesses must continually reinvent themselves and look at new ways of doing things. This is how successful businesses not only survive, but thrive.

Yet, when it comes to how communities do business, we are still working with structures created 100 years ago.

While communities, counties and townships can still maintain their identities and develop the qualities that make them unique and provide a local flavor for our businesses to grow, prosper and compete in a highly competitive marketplace, we also need to think of the tri-County area as a region and look at ways businesses and government can more efficiently and effectively deliver government services—and assist in helping our region and businesses grow while still maintaining our superb quality of life.

The Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce formed a government taskforce comprised of business and government leaders. With the financial assistance of community businesses, the Chamber has retained the Center of Governmental Studies from Northern Illinois University to assist in studying our region, and in identifying best practices from other areas of the United States which resulted in successful regional partnership, cooperation, planning and cost sharing initiatives which may be adopted to our region.

As an initial part of this study, these consultants are meeting with four groups of businesses to determine the answers to some key questions.

We could use the help of the business community in answering the following questions:

Respond by calling 999-5500, or by email at [email protected]; or 495-5920 or [email protected]; or by writing the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce, 124 SW Adams, Suite 300, Peoria, Ill., 61602. IBI