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I was introduced to chiropractic care when I was about 5 years old. At that time, chiropractic care was based on maintaining kids’ natural ability to heal and maintain health. Following that same principle, I treated all of my children to chiropractic adjustments. They have grown up very well and—something very shocking to most people—they have never had a needle of vaccination in them.

At birth and until the age of about six months, a baby has approximately 60 million spinal neurons firing at approximately 60,000 synapses per second. A baby’s rapidly developing brain is very, very sharp and absorbs everything like a sponge. A child who is checked chiropractically at this age reinforces a natural ability to grow and heal himself. From birth to approximately six months, the baby imprints everything he sees into his brain, and absorbs it for later use. Maintaining spinal alignment enforces natural body integrity for a stronger immune system and possibly even a positive attitude.

At a seminar about five years ago, the guest speaker, a professor by the name of Maxine McMullen from Sydney, Australia, invited mothers, fathers and babies, yes —screaming babies. This professor reminded me very much of the character played by Robin Williams in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. To reinforce what I said above, one of the mothers was leaving with her baby, and before she turned to leave, McMullen saw her and said, “Darling, darling, bring that little child here.” She quickly turned the lights up and held the baby’s back against her chest and said to the infant, “Here is your opportunity to prove me wrong.” She moved herself and the baby, his little eyes darting all over the place, around the room. In less than 15 seconds, the screaming baby became composed.

Allow natural law to help raise your child and appreciate what is natural around him. Allow that child to get dirty and get a bloody nose. It takes time to understand natural law. Why do children heal faster? Because they do not yet have their minds educated to distort their natural healing abilities. As one little child told me many, many years ago, “You know Dr. Zinser, when the spine is in line you feel fine.” He was 6-years-old. He is now 34- years-old and is my second partner, Dr. Ted Mlotek.

Listening to former Secretary of Labor Bob Reich, he was asked the question, “Why do immigrants seem to outperform our own children?” Reich’s one-word answer was “ambition.” Reich said to take notice of skills and creativity. We know creativity in the last 30 years has been steadily decreasing. Allow the child to learn through his abilities. Allow him to create and use that stored bank of pictures and information. Encourage a child’s creative uses for a toy’s packaging and box over the box’s actual contents.

In this New Year, let’s be kind to our children and help them direct their creativity, happiness and educational skills. In the long run, it may create peace on earth. IBI