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The following was excerpted from the Vision 2020 planning document.

"Vision 2020 charts the course to our future by creating a vision of where we want to go and a plan for how to get there. Our vision and plan are the result of thousands of hours of volunteer time given by hundreds of people from throughout our region. The planning process itself has worked to break down barriers and build bridges between communities and organizations, creating new relationships and results.

"We are proud to have a well-educated population that values educational opportunities for everyone. The Greater Peoria Region is a community of learning that supports educational excellence. We take responsibility for helping every child develop and achieve his or her potential. Life-long learning opportunities begin with the youngest child and continue through senior years. Educational programs and courses meet individual, community and global needs. Our schools and colleges prepare responsible adults who have the potential for quality jobs. Our civic and public officials and our educators and business partners deliver and enhance quality education in our region.

"The people in The Greater Peoria Region have a strong work ethic and there is a strong local business development climate. Our quality of life and prepared workforce attract companies and quality jobs. Our diverse regional economy includes corporate headquarters and regional offices, major medical centers, world-class technology centers with research applications, agriculture and commodity processing, a significant tourism industry, and major retail centers. Communities throughout our region have attitudes and actions that help business expansion and growth. Our entrepreneurial culture fosters and grows new business start-ups.

"The Greater Peoria Region is a great place to live, and we also have an abundance of leisure-time things to do. The Greater Peoria Region promotes enjoyment of life and a wide range of leisure activities for all generations. World-class culture and arts opportunities are available and growing. Fans of professional and amateur sports have many quality and affordable choices. Our residents enjoy and visitors are drawn here for events, the arts, sports and nature-based recreation.

"Our region is proud of our diverse people and ideas. The Greater Peoria Region celebrates diversity and its contribution to our community. Our understanding and respect for differences attracts people. Peer-inclusive attitudes and actions help us to understand, learn and grow. Different cultures celebrate and share their heritage and traditions. All people feel welcome regardless of race, culture, age, income or living style.

"By working together, we can continue to accomplish great things. Strong community partners in The Greater Peoria Region work to realize a common vision and achieve our goals. We view ourselves as an independent region that gains strength through collaboration. Individuals, organizations and businesses work together to achieve common goals. Responsible business, community and public leaders act with civility and project a positive "can do" image to the region and outside world. Governments and communities-through regional cooperation-solve problems and implement plans to create a better future for all. We have a vision, set goals, develop plans, work quickly, produce results and celebrate our successes."

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