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Peoria is fortunate to be a city where citizens are very involved with their community. From active participation in neighborhood organizations, service groups, schools, places of worship, and countless other activities, Peorians help make a difference in the quality of life for our area.

One opportunity for public service is to volunteer for one of the City of Peoria’s many boards and commissions, which are primarily advisory bodies that give recommendations on certain issues or subject areas to the mayor and city council. Some boards, such as the Civic Center Authority, are governing boards of a specific institution.

By state statute or city ordinance, the Mayor of Peoria is given the authority (with the approval of the city council) to appoint most of the members of the city’s 37 boards and commissions, involving nearly 400 positions. Since taking office in May 2001, we’ve made more than 250 appointments.

Listed below are the boards and commissions open for public participation. Some appointments require certain experience or qualifications. Appointments are usually for three-year terms, and most boards and commissions meet once per month. Information regarding qualifications, membership, and purposes of boards and commissions may be obtained through the contact information also listed below.

In addition to expressions of interest by application, candidates are also recommended by a variety of sources including city staff, city council, current commission members, and others. The mayor usually discusses potential candidates with a number of people, then forwards his appointments to the city council for its approval.

I urge citizens to indicate their interest in being appointed to a city board or commission by filling out a volunteer profile form and volunteer interest sheet. Both can soon be obtained by accessing the City of Peoria’s Web site at, or by calling the mayor’s office at 494-8558.

Working together, we will make our great city even better.

City of Peoria boards and commissions open for citizen participation include: