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Now that the Peoria Medical and Technology District Commission’s comprehensive master plan has been approved, the April and May meetings are focusing on establishing the committee/task force structure that will be needed initially to accomplish the 10 priority projects approved by the city council. The committee structure likely will address four immediate opportunities:

It’s anticipated that each committee will have two members of the commission, joined by individuals from the Neighborhood Advisory Committee. In addition, we’ll ask individuals with particular expertise in the above areas-who aren’t currently members of the commission or Neighborhood Advisory Council-to consider joining a committee. After the composition of each committee is identified, it will be important for each to establish a timeframe, finalize the necessary funding support, and set goals. The commission has an approved budget for 2005 of $830,679, so we have a good start in addressing the above issues.

During the next month, the commission will request a meeting with our new 2nd District Councilwoman, Barbara VanAuken. Under the ordinance creating the commission, the person representing the 2nd District is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the commission.

The commission would like to thank the outgoing 2nd District Councilwoman, Marcella Teplitz, for her tireless energy, enthusiasm, and support of the Med Tech District. She was a staunch advocate of the neighborhoods being a part of the development of West Main Street and the district and was instrumental in helping us obtain approval of the comprehensive master plan. We’re looking forward to the same enthusiasm and support from Ms. VanAuken.

On April 16, the chairs of various commissions hosted an educational forum for the community at the Frank Campbell Community Center. The chairs have been meeting periodically to communicate our progress and goals and update each other to ensure any overlapping issues are addressed and, hopefully, reach a consensus on moving forward.

The intent of the forum was to educate the community on the roles and responsibilities of each commission, how we’re interacting to accomplish the goals established by each commission, and how these goals can better the community.

We’re aware that there’s been some confusion in the public regarding the roles of each commission. By holding this first meeting, we’re hopeful we’ll begin to address these concerns.

I look forward to seeing you at future forums. IBI