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The Peoria Medical and Technology District Commission took the next step in its development. On December 14, the commission voted to change the name of the district to “Renaissance Park.”

The name, Renaissance Park, represents a historical era that was an explosive time of intellectual and creative growth for mankind. Mathematics, astronomy, architecture, literature, creative arts, and learning all blossomed during the Renaissance years. The word “renaissance” was used by many of our interviewees to explain what they perceive is happening in this area. The word “park” fulfills dual purposes: it communicates the beauty of the area (like Lincoln Park in Chicago), as well as its strength as a research and development park (like Research Triangle Park in North Carolina). This name was tested—both qualitatively and quantitatively—among key constituents, and Renaissance Park was the name most appreciated by all audiences.

The logo, as shown left, was inspired by a sketch rendered by a Renaissance-era typographer. In it, we see both the R and P of Renaissance Park and the elegance and science of what we’re building here. The dissecting lines are also the streets and neighborhoods in the district, and the varied colors represent its diversity of people, architecture, and activity. The lines and colors also remind us of the artistic glass windows seen in the area’s historic homes and buildings.

The critical factors identified to communicate and establish Renaissance Park as a household name include:
• The new name, brand, message, and plan are created but not disseminated. Effectively telling our story and marketing the district require additional funding by the City of Peoria and continued strong support of the commission.
• PeoriaNEXT and EDC need Renaissance Park brochures and materials to support their efforts in attracting scientists and entrepreneurs to the area. They’ve been written and designed but now need to be produced in quantity and widely distributed.
• Neighbors, anchor institutions, and city officials have been involved in the development of the message and materials. They need to stay involved, supportive, and active.
• Creating a strong sense of place that gives scientists and entrepreneurs access to experts, resources, and quality of life is key to attracting people. We must help them to visualize and understand this complex story of collaboration and support. We’re marketing a vision that can’t be photographed and need to make it real.

This message will be disseminated through brochures, a web site, meetings and events, advertising, and public relations. Renaissance Park continues our commitment to build, promote, and enhance—through collaborative means—each aspect within its 775 acres. This should be a competitive advantage if done well.

A place to live, work, play and learn…Renaissance Park, Peoria, Illinois. IBI