A Publication of WTVP

I am honored to have been elected unanimously by my peers to serve as Chairman of the Peoria County Board. I bring to the position 26 years of service on the board and two as Vice Chair. My involvement in local government began in 1970 when I became Road Commissioner of Chillicothe Township; a position I retain today. My extensive experience in local government is complemented by equal experience in the private sector as a small business owner. This dual background will serve me well in my leadership role as the board looks to further advance our strategic plan.

Our strategic goal of partnering with other units of government is my top priority. I trust the board will continue its bipartisan efforts to strengthen relationships with other jurisdictions both within Peoria County and in neighboring counties. A unified board will more effectively serve our citizens by working together with other jurisdictions that share a common interest in combining services to become more cost-effective. Communication is essential towards this collaborative end; therefore, over time, I intend to create a communication ad-hoc committee with principals from the city, smaller municipalities and townships within the county.

Communication with our citizens is as important to the county board as intergovernmental communication. My peers and I hold steadfast to the belief that elected officials must be accessible to the citizens we serve; to do otherwise would undermine our purpose as public servants. We welcome your input and will strive to address your concerns regarding county government in general and Peoria County in particular.

Peoria County is a wonderful place in which to live, as I, my three children Pat, Rhonda and Neil, and my three grandchildren Ryan, Nathaniel and Nicholas can attest. I chose to serve Peoria County citizens in order to ensure the safe and healthy environment my children and grandchildren currently enjoy and for future generations. I share this commitment with my peers on the Peoria County Board.

Last month, the board welcomed new members Bonnie Hester (District 1), Bud Sous (District 5) and James Dillon (District 7). Their addition brings new ideas and fresh perspective to the board. I look forward to the exciting years ahead as we explore new ways to enhance our community and the environment in which we live; ways which rely on stronger partnerships with other jurisdictions and you, our citizens.

All 18 board members are accessible via phone, email, fax and post. Contact information can be obtained by visiting or calling County Administration at 672-6056. IBI