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People often get confused about just what a community college is. Some people think of community colleges as two-year colleges. Others define community colleges as vocational or technical schools. But community colleges are much more than that.

ICC exists because our community invited it to exist. In 1966, voters in our district decided central Illinois should have a community college. In 1967, ICC opened its doors to students. Since then, ICC has been providing affordable education for the people of central Illinois.

ICC is one of nearly 50 community colleges in the state. Illinois’ community college system is the third largest in the nation. Each one of them serves its community in unique ways. Here are some of the ways in which we work to meet the needs of our Peoria community:

What we do may occur in the classrooms, but the impact of community colleges reaches beyond our classrooms and campus to our community, the workplace, our neighborhoods, and our state. IBI