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Most of us, at times, can be lazy. It's part of being human. This trait can lead to training shortcuts or believing your training is no more than a job that calls for completion. Once you begin to fall into this pattern on a regular basis, training can only get worse until you make an effort to redirect yourself. All of us have seen the person who comes to the gym and goes through the motions. He or she stops for long chats and assesses the gym scene between exercises. To these sorts, their privilege is "The Privilege of Being in Proximity to Training Equipment"-not "The Privilege of Training."

I think anyone who trains correctly is immediately struck with the feeling that they've completed effective, result-producing work. There's satisfaction that comes with that. Consistent, proper training can change one's strength, fitness level, and physique faster than any other method. Unfortunately, there's nothing easy, comfortable, or pleasant about proper training-and few are willing to pay the price on a consistent, long-term basis. Of course, the results are certainly satisfying, but I've always been of the belief that there are those who want it, and those who think they want it. Those who truly want the success and progress are rarely encountered.

Few trainees can sustain enthusiasm and all-out efforts for more than a few weeks. They feel their efforts deserve or, in fact, demand a significant reward. They're usually discouraged that six weeks of hard work hasn't resulted in a Miss America or Mr. Universe title. They forget that hard, consistent work over time will bring rewards. Thus, they're quick to opt for an easier methodology and, of course, suffer with the same lack of progress. Proper training isn't easy, and the resulting sensations aren't often pleasant. It isn't, and never will be, a popular way to train. However, it's still the fastest and safest way to overhaul your physique and fitness level.

Your body ages daily, and without proper exercise and diet, it'll age faster. Proper training keeps the body and mind young, and this is quite a gift. Why turn your back on that opportunity-especially if you've already allotted time, energy, and money?

Your training is for you, and it's up to you to enjoy the resulting benefits. These benefits are so plentiful if you allow yourself to be pushed beyond your current limits. By retraining your mind to go beyond its current limits, you can defeat a number of negative traits that affect your life. You'll feel better, with a new self-image and confidence as part of the package. There's a tremendous amount to be gained through proper training, but only if each of us remembers that the opportunity to train properly is a privilege-and one that should be respected at all times. IBI