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Sickness in the body can take many forms. Most people feel cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, arthritis, headache, the flu, or a cold are unavoidable problems. People with these conditions often believe they're just the innocent victim; a bug or germ simply chose them as a breeding ground. In most cases, this isn't the real cause of our physical problems.

Sadly, our society has been programmed to think we can put anything we want into our body-abuse and neglect our body-and when our body breaks down, all we have to do is run to a doctor, who'll give us a miracle drug. And in a few days, everything will be all right. However, people are slowly realizing their health and physical condition haven't actually improved; the symptoms of their internal sickness have been covered up or temporarily lessened. Even though our country has many qualified physicians and medical experts, doctors, health insurance policies, government programs, and money don't make us well.

If we want to experience life abundantly, we must take control of our own health and observe the natural laws. When we violate these laws, we experience sickness. It's that simple. Whenever we experience a physical breakdown such as a cold, sore throat, upset stomach, or something more serious, we need to ask the question, "Why? What did I do or fail to do that created this physical problem?" Fortunately, in most instances, when we eliminate the cause of the physical problem and give the body the proper nourishment, healing usually follows naturally-sometimes quite rapidly.

Four keys to a long, healthy life are fresh air, pure water, high-quality nutrition, and proper exercise. Also important is adequate rest, abundant sunshine, and positive thinking. The greatest need of your body is fresh air. Approximately 96 percent of our nutritional needs come from the air. Your body uses water to cleanse and remove toxins, to lubricate, and to cool down when overheated. In fact, 75 to 85 percent of your body is comprised of water. Food comprises only about 4 percent of the nutritional needs of the body. However, without the right kinds of food prepared in the right manner, the body is incapable of building strong, healthy, vital, vibrant cells and maintaining exceptional health. Because proper exercise enhances our lives in so many ways, we sell ourselves short by not participating at whatever level we can start, settling for less than being all we can be.

We need to change our thinking concerning sickness and health. We need to start questioning whether our present lifestyle is producing sickness or superior health. Various forms of sickness and disease are consuming larger parts of our energy, time, money, and emotions. It isn't necessary to continue down the road that leads to an early grave. IBI